Corporate and Residential Eavesdropping Detection Services

Serving both Corporations and Residential Clients and protecting their privacy through EavesdroppingTSCM America Eavesdropping Detection Detection and electronic countermeasures.  TSCM America is a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures corporation.  Our company was founded based on real-world needs to counter covert surveillance threats. We provide TSCM services which include; Counterespionage, Cyber Stalking, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, and Technical Bug Sweeps.  TSCM America is headquartered in Dallas Texas and provides services across the United States. We also assist our clients in the design of offices and conference rooms to provide privacy from potential eavesdropping attacks.

What We Offer

We bring over 25 years of knowledge and experience to our clients.  We only use the most advanced equipment and technology which is all government grade.  Extensive training in technical surveillance counter measures using spectrum analyzers, RF Mapping techniques, IR probes, laser detection, thermal imaging, and more. 

There are only a small handful of true TSCM professionals with training credentials and have made the significant investment in technology and training.  Our client base is confidential but will give business references, training, and equipment used to perform your sweep if requested.  

Our mission and goals are to protect your privacy and communications to matter if it’s your office, home, hotel, meeting rooms, off-site, vehicles, or anywhere you could be compromised.   All of our clients are confidential and NDA’s are signed to validate that process stays in place.