Protecting America's Privacy

LP Dynamics is the parent company to TSCM America and is a technical surveillance countermeasures technology driven corporation solely focused on the protection of communications and privacy for our clients.

Expert Counter Surveillance Services

Technical Surveillance

LP Dynamics Corporation is a leader in technical surveillance countermeasures and detection processes and has several divisions within this organization to combat the growing eavesdropping threat.  This attack is aimed at corporations, government agencies, and within the private sector to capture communications, audio, video, and other sensitive information.  

Protecting America's Privacy

LP Dynamics Corporation is committed to Protecting America’s Privacy through continued education, understanding emerging threats, solid countermeasures, and using the best people with the highest-grade technologies.

Technical Bug Sweeps

Technical Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweeps is the process to technically and physically detect and locate bugging devices and threats that capture and transmit communications and sending that information out to a listening post. 

Counter Surveillance Services

Counter Surveillance Services

We provide counter surveillance and technical eavesdropping detection bug sweeping coupled with intense physical inspections that uncover evidence of technical electronic eavesdropping.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Our technical processes and cutting-edge equipment is the best in the business and we are ready to partner with your organization to ensure and protect your privacy. 

Live RF Monitoring TSCM

Live Monitoring RF Spectrum

We provide real-time 24/7 monitoring and live remote TSCM Monitoring of the radio frequency spectrum for our clients to trigger alerts against the frequency baseline. This service works very well for our corporate and government clients to obtain real-time alerts on RF threats for conference rooms, boardrooms, C-Suites, and off-site meetings. Being able to detect threats 24 hours a day is the key to increasing the likelihood of detection.

Corporate and Government Bug Sweeps

Corporate and Government Services

Corporate and Government Bug Sweeps follow the same high standards with our technical and physical bug sweeps in that all areas of the target areas are swept for bugging devices and other electronics capable of transmitting data or storage of data waiting to be retrieved by the eavesdropper.

We provide bug sweeping services to many corporations including Fortune 1000 and government agencies to counter corporate eavesdropping.

Residential Bug Sweeps

Private Client Technical Services

Private Client Bug Sweeps are typically scheduled to technically and physically sweep the home for suspected bugging devices such as audio and video bugging devices. Experience has shown us that corporate executives are prime targets and well as high-profile clients. Our home bug sweeps are also performed in cases of divorce, legal issues, and private clients that are targets of residential eavesdropping.

Emerging Threats and Our Values to our Clients

LP Dynamics is a technical surveillance countermeasures technology driven corporation solely focused on the protection of communications and information for our clients. Our company and division TSCM America has invested in the highest level cutting-edge TSCM technology, government rated TSCM training, and years of TSCM experience to deliver value proven results to protect our client’s privacy. Our clients are corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, high-profile individuals, celebrities, and anyone who believes or is at-risk to have their privacy compromised. LP Dynamics and our technical TSCM divisions provide our technical surveillance countermeasures services all across the United States and holds all of our clients to complete confidentiality and anonymity.

Technology and eavsdropping technical threats are evolving at a rapid pace and privacy issues are at the forefront. Combating the issues with the protection of privacy will take on a three prong approach; laws and regulations to govern privacy, technology to counter the threat, and education of clients to the threat. LP Dynamics is working with lawmakers to regulate the sale of devices whose sole purpose is illegal eavesdropping and are sold under the pretense of a “safety or security device”. Additionally, LP Dynamics stays out in front of new technology threats and upgrades its TSCM equipment and training regularly to counter that threat. Finally, our job is never done, we continually work with our clients to educate them to new threats and work as an extension to the main goal, Protecting Your Privacy!

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TSCM America is a nationwide provider of technical bug sweeps and TSCM Services for corporations, government agencies, and private clients.  Specializes in counter surveillance, live RF monitoring and RF mapping, detection of illegal audio and video eavesdropping devices.

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